Mother of Pearl Shell and Beads Necklaces from Indonesia
Sea Shell Jewelry Manufacturer Company

Bali seashells jewelry. Sea shell necklaces with beads made in Indonesia. By CV Maya, the manufacturer company for sea shell accessories and costume jewelry. To order our fashion accessories & costume jewelry. Include your complete address & company info in your email. We have many beads necklaces & jewelry.
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Necklaces made of beads & mother of pearl shell. Beads necklace with mother of pearl shell chips. Beads jewelry made in Indonesia. Beads accessories with sea shells. Sea shell jewelry from Bali Indonesia. Beach accessories jewelry from Bali. Handcrafted jewellery made of beads, blacklip mother of pearl shell, cowry shell made in Bali Indonesia.

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Mother of Pearl Shell and Beads Necklace

Necklace Code: NP-3-1
Mother of Pearl Shell and Beads Necklace.

Mother of Pearl Shell and Beads Necklace with Coconut Wood Beads

Necklace Code: NP-3-2
Mother of Pearl Shell and Beads Necklace with Coconut Wood Beads.

Mother of Pearl Shell and Beads Necklace with Coco Wood Beads

Necklace Code: NP-3-3
Mother of Pearl Shell and Beads Necklace with Coco Wood Beads.

Mother Pearl Shell and Beads Necklace

Necklace Code: NP-3-4
Mother Pearl Shell and Beads Necklace.

Pearl Shell with Beads Necklace

Necklace Code: NP-3-5
Pearl Shell with Beads Necklace.

Mother of Pearl Shell and Cowry Shells with Coco Beads Necklace

Necklace Code: NP-3-6
Mother of Pearl Shell and Cowry Shells with Coco Beads Necklace.

Goldlip Pearl Shell Necklace

Necklace Code: NP-3-7
Goldlip Pearl Shell Necklace.

Mother of Pearl Shell Bone Beads and Cowry Shells Necklace

Necklace Code: NP-3-8
Mother of Pearl Shell Bone Beads and Cowry Shells Necklace.

MOP Shell with Glass Beads made in Indonesia

Necklace Code: NP-3-9
Blacklip Pearl Shell and Beads Necklace.

Coco Shell and Beads Necklace

Necklace Code: NP-3-1-Coco
Coco Shell and Beads Necklace

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Indonesian manufacturer of mother of pearl shell jewellery accessories. Learn more about pearl:
A pearl is a hard, rounded object produced by certain mollusks, primarily oysters. Pearl is valued as a gemstone and is cultivated or harvested for jewellery. An organic gem grown within oysters and other mollusks when they produce nacre as a reaction to an irritant. A good sized pearl can take between five to eight years to form, which is usually the entire life of the oyster or mollusk. Pearls are most valuable when they are perfectly round. Fine natural pearls are much more expensive and rare to find than cultured pearls. Never dip jewelry with pearls into a jewelry cleaning solution unless it specifically says that it is safe for pearls. A natural gemstone formed when a oyster is irritated by a substance that gets into its shell. If the irritation is a naturally occurring grain of sand, it is an Oriental pearl. If it is produced by purposefully inserting a mother-of-pearl bead, a cultured pearl is formed.

Bali seashells jewelry. A mother of pearl that forms attached to the shell is a blister pearl, while a pearl that forms a half dome is a mabe (pronounced mah-bay) pearl. Pearls that are irregularly shaped rather than round are referred to as baroque. A native of Asia, it grows easily in colder climates. It is good in stews and mixed with other grains such as rice. A particular strain of barley found in China, it is effective in breaking down animal fats in the body. One of the Precious Objects, the pearl is a symbol of good fortune and genius. Because of its beautiful rounded shape, the word pearl is also used to describe feminine beauty. On dragon robes, the dragons are usually depicted reaching for pearls. Pearls are made out of nacre(NAY kur). When a particle comes into the oyster or nacre-forming mollusk, the mollusk or oyster covers the particle with nacre. The particle is trapped in the layers, and the particle is covered with the nacre to look like a sphere. The pearl is formed. Pearls aren't very hard. They absorb and reflect light. This is a gem that is not formed beneath the Earth. It is formed in the ocean.

Jewellery (spelled jewelry in American English) consists of ornamental devices worn by persons, typically made with gems and precious metals. Costume jewellery is made from less valuable materials. However, jewellery can and has been made out of almost every kind of material. Fashion accessories and their jewelry counterpart referred to as costume jewelry are items that used as fashion's complementary. Accessories help to bring up the spot that one wants to highlight in a dress or apparel. They can also help to hide some weaknesses' part of a dress. Trends are continuously set by adding accessories to different outfits.

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