Wholesale Sarongs Bali Indonesia

Bali sarongs direct from sarongs factory in Bali

Here's our pricing for the rayon sarongs. BASED ON CURRENT EXCHANGE RATE US$ 1 = Rp 12,500 (SUBJECT TO CHANGE!)

*** Price for costum made sarong, with your own design, silkscreen print. Silk screen set up fee Rp 800,000/color (US$ 64). If your design contains 3 colors then you have to pay US$ 64x3. This is one time fee. We will keep the silk screen for maximum 5 months. If you don't re-order within 5 months, we will destroy your silkscreen.

Celtic Print Sarongs Rp 25,000 US$ 2.00
Double Process Sarongs Rp 22,000 US$ 1.75
Embroidered Sarongs 2nd RAYON Rp 25,000 US$ 2.00
Embroidery Sarongs Bali with sequin Sarongs Rp 35,000 US$ 2.80
Hand Painting Sarongs 1ST RAYON Rp 40,000 US$ 3.20
Hand Painting Sarongs 2nd RAYON Rp 32,000 US$ 2.60 **** NOT POSSIBLE ANYMORE!*****
Hibiscus Flower base color Sarongs Rp 25,000 US$ 2.00
Hibiscus Flower white base Sarongs Rp 25,000 US$ 2.00
Monocolor Sarongs Rp 20,000 US$ 1.60
Screen Print Sarongs 1st Rayon Fabric (Thick) Rp 28,000 US$ 2.24
Screen Print Sarongs 2nd Rayon Fabric (Thinner) Rp 25,000 US$ 2
Naphthol Dye Sarongs Rp 25,000 US$ 2.00
Two Tone Sarongs with Beads 2nd RAYON Rp 25,000 US$ 2.00
Stamp Sarongs 1st Grade Fabric (Thick) Rp 41,000 US$ 3.28
Stamp Sarongs 2nd Grade Fabric (Thinner) Rp 28,000 US$ 2.24
Solid Plain Color Sarong 1st Rayon Rp 25,000 US$ 2.00
Solid Plain Color Sarongs 2nd Rayon Rp 20,000 US$ 1.60
Stripes Sarongs from Bali Rp 20,000 US$ 1.60
Tie Dye Sarongs from Bali Rp 25,000 US$ 2
Water Color Sarongs (Pigment) Rp 20,000 US$ 1.60
Sarongs with Sea Shells Rp 25,000 US$ 2.00
Batik Sarong Mini Skirts Monocolor Ladies 40x115cm Rp 12,000 US$ 0.96
Mini Skirt MC Kid Size 30x115cm Rp 10,000 US$ 0.80
Hand Stamp Sarong Skirts Ladies 40x115cm (approximate) Rp 15,000 US$ 1.20
Cotton Scarves Rp 10,000 US$ 0.80

PRICING FOR THE HALF SARONG IS HALF OF THE SARONG PRICE + Rp 1,000 (for stitching the sarong)
CV MAYA Business Terms and Conditions:

  1. We sell our sarongs and other products in Rupiah. We convert our price to US$ according to current exchange rate. Price and exchange rate. Subject to change without prior notice
  2. Price based on EXWORKS DENPASAR. Price include only sarongs and basic packaging
  3. All products made to order.
  4. Deposit 50% of total order is needed to start the production
  5. Payment by Telegraphic Transfer
    For Western union and Paypal payments, there are additional fees of 5% from the total amount !

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