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Sarong manufacturer and exporter company in Indonesia. Your source for all kind of beach sarongs and pareo. CV MAYA from Bali Indonesia.Tax id: 02.612.185.5-903.000. Vibrant color sarongs with smooth fabric. Sarongs factory in Bali Indonesia. Manufacturer and exporter of batik sarongs pareo. Wholesale only.

Sarongs from Bali Factory Pricing July 2019

We are sarong factory located in Indonesia. We produce and export various kind of beach sarongs made of rayon fabric. We ship to major shipping port around the world.
Please find below our pricing for all sarongs pareo on our web site.

  1. Tie Dye Sarongs1st quality Rayon IDR 31.000 US$ 2,38
  2. Tie Dye Sarongs2nd quality Rayon IDR 25.000 US$ 1,95
  3. Handpainting Sarongs1st quality Rayon IDR 45.000 US$ 3,45
  4. Handpainting Sarongs2nd quality Rayon IDR 40.000 US$ 3,10
  5. Monocolor Sarongs2nd quality Rayon IDR 24.000 US$ 1,90
  6. Silkscreen Print Sarongs1st quality Rayon IDR 35.000 US$ 2,70
  7. Silkscreen Print Sarongs2nd quality Rayon IDR 28.000 US$ 2,15
  8. Solid Color Sarongs1st quality Rayon IDR 30.000 US$ 2,30
  9. Solid Color Sarongs2nd quality Rayon IDR 25.000 US$ 1,95
  10. Stamp Sarongs1st quality Rayon IDR 35.000 US$ 2,69
  11. Stamp Sarongs2nd quality Rayon IDR 26.000 US$ 2,00
  12. Handpainting SarongsSpecial DesignIDR45.000 US$ 3,45
  13. Water Color white background2nd quality Rayon IDR 27.000 US$ 2,10
  14. Water color solid background2nd quality Rayon IDR 30.000 US$ 2,30

  15. Men Sarung (Tube/Muslim Sarung)
    1st quality (Thicker rayon fabric) US$ 3,00
    2nd quality (thinner rayon fabric) US$ 2,50

    *** Price include product only, NOTHING ELSE
    *** Price subject to change anytime. Always ask for price up date.
    Packaging 1pc in plastic bag 10pcs master bag IDR 1000/piece
    Carton Box + Waterproof Wrap (100pcs in 1box) IDR 35000/box

    ** Minimum quantity for custom made sarong is 1200 pieces. Minimum 200 pieces/color. Maximum 6 colors for 1200pcs order.
    Silkscreen setting fee US$ 65 for each design. Price for the sarong vary according to the complexity of the design. Regular motif cost same as other printed sarongs, US$ 2.70 for thick fabric and US$ 2.15 for thinner fabric. As usuall, all prices is subject to change anytime. Always consult as for price up date.

    ** Order 2000pcs (max 5 colors in 2000pcs) and get free setting fee. No need to pay for silkscreen fee for order 2000pcs and above. You're allowed to choose maximum 5 colors.

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