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    Batik Sarongs from Bali Indonesia

Sarongs direct from sarong factory in Indonesia

Sarong Factory in Indonesia

Buy direct from batik sarong factory in Indonesia. We are able to produce almost all kind of beach sarongs made of rayon fabric. Many years of experience. We ship to all major port around the world. Please don't hesitate to contact us. Contact us now and tell us your requirements.

We are producing many kind of beach sarongs pareo including handpainted, silkscreen printing, stamp and monocolor sarongs.

Printed Sarongs from Indonesia

Printed Sarongs from Indonesia

Printed Sarongs Indonesia

Silkscreen Printed Sarongs

Printed Sarongs Indonesia

Printed Sarongs Indonesia

Printed Sarongs Indonesia

Printed Sarongs from Indonesia

MAN6819-35 Printed Sarongs Indonesia

MAN6819-36 Printed Sarongs Indonesia

MAN6819-37 Printed Sarongs Indonesia

MAN6819-38 Printed Sarongs Indonesia

MAN6819-39 Printed Sarongs Indonesia

MAN6819-40 Printed Sarongs Indonesia

Sarongs Factory Indonesia

Vibrant Color from Quality Dyes and Clean Water You can tell the different between quality batik sarongs with bad batik sarongs from the color of the batik sarong. Our batik sarong has vibrant color, due to quality dyes. We use only quality dyes for our batik sarongs. Other than quality dyes, the vibrant colors of our batik sarongs also comes from the quality of the water use when soaking the rayon fabric and textile. Clean water make vibrant color batik sarongs.

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