Beads Necklaces Jewelry from Bali Indonesia. Online catalog of beads and shells fashion accessories and jewellery made in Indonesia. Buy costume jewelry direct from factory in Indonesia. Cheap price good quality.

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Beaded Necklace from Bali Indonesia

Necklace Code: NP-39-1
Bali Accessories. Bali Fashion Jewelry.

Beads Necklace with Pearl Shell

Necklace Code: NP-39-2
Beads Necklace Accessory Indonesia

Imitation Pearls Necklace

Necklace Code: NP-39-3
Shells and Beads Accessory Bali

Bali Beaded Necklace Indonesia

Necklace Code: NP-39-4
Bali Shells Accessory

Beaded Necklace Jewelry from Bali

Necklace Code: NP-39-5
Imitation Pearl Necklace Indonesia

Cheap Beaded Necklace

Necklace Code: NP-30-39-6
Bali Shells Jewelry

shells and Beads Necklace

Necklace Code: NP-39-7
Bali Beads Necklace

Beads Necklace Jewelry

Necklace Code: NP-39-8
Fashion Necklace Indonesia

Beads Fashion Accessory Bali

Necklace Code: NP-39-9
Seed Beads Neckalce Indonesia

Cheap Beads Necklace from Bali

Necklace Code: NP-39-10
Sea Shells and Beads Necklace

Cheap Fashion Jewelry Bali

Necklace Code: NP-39-11
Beaded Jewelry Necklace Bali Indonesia

Cheap Beaded Necklace with Shell

Necklace Code: NP-39-12
Bali Beaded Necklace

Beads Bali Costume Jewelry

Necklace Code: NP-39-13
Long Necklaces Indonesia

Beaded Necklace Bali

Necklace Code: NP-39-14
Long Beaded Necklace Bali

Glass Beads Necklace Costume Jewelry

Necklace Code: NP-39-15
Colorful Accessories Necklaces Bali

Pearl Shell Beads Necklace Bali

Necklace Code: NP-39-16
Colorful Necklaces from Bali

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BatikSarong.Com owned by CV Maya Tax id: 02.612.185.5-903.000. A manufacturer and exporter company for Bali Fashion Jewelry located in Indonesia. Bali jewelry made of beads combined with other natural materials such as mother of pearl shells, wooden beads, sea shells, stone and many more organic materials.

Women in Bali Indonesia working with sea shells and feather papua necklaces

Women in Bali Indonesia working with sea shells and feather papua necklaces. Tribal boho ethnic accessories made in Indonesia. Browse our latest collection of tribal and ethnic home decors made in Indonesia. View our catalog of feather and shells fashion accessories

Bali Accessory Factory

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