Sarong Skirts from Bali by CV MAYA, a Sarongs Company in Bali Indonesia

Sarong skirts from bali . Beachwear made of 100% rayon textile or fabric with beaded fringes. If you looking for sexy beachwear from Bali these solid color sarong skirts is for you. Available in various colors not only as shown by sarong skirts on this page. You're welcome to order sarong skirts in other colors. Simply tell us the colors for the sarong skirts, we'll make the sarong skirts for you. By default we use beads with color similar to the sarong skirts color.

Sarong skirts wholesale from Bali. We're sarongs factory and manufacturer. We produce sarongs and sarong skirts here ourselves. If you need to import sarongs from sarongs company in Bali directly, we could help you. We're sarongs manufacturer and exporter company. Not only we're wholesaler but also supplier. Look no further. We guarantee best price, factory direct.

Sarongs Skirts from Indonesia. Available in various colors.
Made to order. Best price is guarantee! Factory direct!

Sarong Skirts from Bali Sarongs Company in Bali Indonesia
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(Minimum 30pcs)

Sarong Skirts Wholesale Bali

Half Sarong Code: MSP4-1
Sarong Skirts Wholesale Bali

Price Rp 13,000 or US$ 1.45 (US$ 1 = Rp9,000)

Sarong Skirts Export Bali

Half Sarong Code: MSP4-2
Sarong Skirts Export Bali

Price Rp 13,000 or US$ 1.45 (US$ 1 = Rp9,000)

Sarong Skirts Company Bali

Half Sarong Code: MSP4-3
Sarong Skirts Company Bali

Price Rp 13,000 or US$ 1.45 (US$ 1 = Rp9,000)

Sarong Skirts Factory Bali

Half Sarong Code: MSP4-4
Sarong Skirts Factory Bali

Price Rp 13,000 or US$ 1.45 (US$ 1 = Rp9,000)

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