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Footwear from Indonesia. Made of mica sole with beads. Searching for Indonesia footwear factory? Indonesian sandals ? sandals factory in Bali? footwear manufacturer in Indonesia?. Woman sandals made of leather from Bali Indonesia. Handmade sandals for lady. Leather sandals Bali.

Bali Leather Sandals Shoes

Sandal Code: Sandal-P5-1
Bali Leather Sandals Shoes



Sandal Code: Sandal-P5-2
Bali Leather Slippers


Sandals from Bali Indonesia

Sandal Code: Sandal-P5-3
Sandals from Bali Indonesia



Sandal Code: Sandal-P5-4
Woman Sandals from Bali Leather


Woman Slippers Leather Sandals

Sandal Code: Sandal-P5-5
Woman Slippers Leather Sandals



Sandal Code: Sandal-P5-6
Bali Sandals Leather Footwear



Sandal Code: Sandal-P5-7
Sandals from Bali
Slippers with Beads and Shells


Sandal Code: Sandal-P5-8
Sandals from Bali
Sandals with Plastic Beads

Leather Sandals from Bali

Sandal Code: Sandal-P5-9
Leather Sandals from Bali

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Hand Painted Batik Bed Covers from Bali Indonesia

Hand Painted Batik Bed Covers from Bali Indonesia

Batik Bed Covers from Bali Indonesia
Bali Batik Bedding Linen Batik Bed Sheets

Sheer Cardigans Factory Bali Indonesia. Summer Cardigan Sweaters from Bali Indonesia. Sheer Shrug Factory. Lightweight Knitting Cardigans Made in Indonesia

Sheer Cardigans Factory Bali Indonesia

Plus size ruffle shrug with sheer and elastic fabric. Wide range of colours available. Use your own brand. Buy direct from factory in Bali Indonesia. Bolero wholesale. Tie-front shrug for women. Summer clothing. Wholesale only, factory direct. To order, send us email. Fill our inquiry form or send email directly to our Gmail address. See photo for our email address. We need to know your order quantity to calculate shipping. We also need to know your shipping port. Door to door shipment by express courier or post office also available.

Sarong Factory in Bali Indonesia
Mini Skirts, Batik Pantaloon Beachwear, Beaded Footwear etc.
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Handwoven recycled plastic tote bags from Indonesia. Woman shopping bags handmade using plastic strapping bands made from recycled plastic bottles. Kago bags or handmade tote bags and baskets. Durable and beautiful, made of various colors of recycled plastic. Fashionable handmade woven tote, made of recycled plastic. Direct from the factory in Indonesia. Produce and export woven tote bags worldwide. Especially made as multi purpose bag for every day. Made with recycled plastic by skill woven bag craftswomen of Indonesia.

Handwoven recycled plastic tote bags from Indonesia

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Indonesian Beaded Footwear Manufacturer Company

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BatikSarong.Com owned by CV Maya Tax id: 02.612.185.5-903.000. A manufacturer and exporter company for Bali Fashion Jewelry located in Indonesia. Bali jewelry made of beads combined with other natural materials such as mother of pearl shells, wooden beads, sea shells, stone and many more organic materials.

Women in Bali Indonesia working with sea shells and feather papua necklaces

Women in Bali Indonesia working with sea shells and feather papua necklaces. Tribal boho ethnic accessories made in Indonesia. Browse our latest collection of tribal and ethnic home decors made in Indonesia. View our catalog of feather and shells fashion accessories

Bali Accessory Factory

We're adding new Bali accessories regularly. Visit our sister site for our latest addition of accessories and fashion jewelry made in Indonesia. Please remember that we're wholesale only. Minimum order apply. Contact us if you need more information.

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