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Jewellery made in Indonesia. Beaded Necklaces from Bali Indonesia

NP2-12 Fashion Necklaces Bali Beaded Jewellery Bali Indonesia

Beaded Necklaces Code: NP2-12 Handmade Necklaces from Bali Indonesia
Fashion jewellery wholesale from Bali

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  1. NP-2-1 Mother of Pearl Shell and Beads Necklace
  2. NP-2-2 Beads Necklace with Pearl Shell
  3. NP-2-3 Beaded Necklace with Mother Pearl Shell Pendant
  4. NP-2-4 MOP Shell Necklace with Beads
  5. NP-2-5 Carved Pearl Shell and Beads Necklace with Glass
  6. NP-2-6 Round Pearl Shell Necklace
  7. NP-2-7 Mother of Pearl Shell and Beads Necklace
  8. NP-2-8 Bone Beads Pearl Shell Necklace
  9. NP-2-9 Cowri Shells and Beads Necklace
  10. NP-2-11 Beaded Necklace with Cowry Shells

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