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Batiks Fabrics Quilting direct from batik factory in Java Indonesia

Handmade Batik Factory in Java Indonesia

Bali Batiks Fabrics. Made by hand in Bali, Indonesia. Premium 44 inch wide cotton fabric. Specializes in unique hand dyed batiks from Bali, Indonesia. Shop Batik quilt kits, fat quarters, layer cake stacks, jelly roll strips, & charm squares. Captures the sunny warm and vibrant colors of a Bazaar in this collection from Java Batik. Made by hand in Bali, Indonesia on premium cotton fabric. Batik features fabrics by the yards, fat quarters, jelly rolls, layer cakes, and quilt kits. Shop Fabrics by the yard. Latest collections of fabrics, quilt kits, fat quarters, jelly rolls, charm packs. Fast & Free shipping available. What is a fat quarter bundle of fabric? Fat Quarter Bundles (Quarter Yard Precut Fabrics). A fat quarter bundle is a curated stack of fat quarters (quarter yards of fabric cut wide) of coordinating quilt fabric from a designer's collection. Fat quarters measure 18" x 21" & make quilting quick & easy. Contents 100% Cotton.

Sarongs from Bali Factory Pricing July 2019

Precut fabric for quilters. Precut Fabric Quilting precuts are bundles of fabric cut into standard shapes and sizes. Each precut fabric bundle features coordinating fabrics from a designer's collections, saving you hours of matching fabric for your project. Pre-Cut Quilting Fabric | Fat Quarters and Quilt Kits. Skip hours of planning, measuring, and cutting - get right to the fun part. Whether you're making a comfy bed quilt or a simple table topper, precut fabric and quilt. Shop for fabrics by size from precut fabric packs, like fat quarters, to fabric by the yard and die cut fabric shapes. Batik jelly rolls. Fat quarter bundle. fat quarter packs and jelly rolls. Handmade Batik Quilt Cotton.Quilts.

  1. 18cmx22cm
  2. 20cmx50-55cm
  3. 20cmx50-55cm
  4. 20cmx50-55cm
  5. 6,25cmx115cm
  6. 100cmx115cm
  7. 36-40cmx52-55cm
  8. 4-8cmx50-60cm
  9. 15-19cmx80-90cm
  10. 15-19cmx50-55cm
  11. 12-19cmx115cm

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