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We're the No.1 source for batik sarongs from Indonesia. Our company CV MAYA is a sarong manufacturer located in Denpasar Bali Indonesia. We have currently over 1000 model of batik sarongs. Many of them are handpainted sarongs which is you're viewing now. We have a lot of models from primitive paintings sarongs, animals, tropical island maps, country flags etc. All made in Indonesia by CV MAYA, your source for beach sarongs made of rayon fabric. We're sarongs factory with shop. We're real company. Come to Bali and visit our sarongs store in Denpasar where you can choose a wide variety of sarongs.

Handpainted Batik Sarongs from Bali Indonesia

Sarongs from Bali Indonesia

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Sarong Factory Bali Indonesia

Indonesian Batik Clothing

Hp14-1 Handpainted Sarong Beach Pareo Bali
Sarongs Made in Indonesia

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Sarong Code: HP14-2 Handpainting Sarong
Sarongs Made in Indonesia

Indonesia Batik Sarong Manufacturers

Sarong Code: HP14-3
Handpainting Sarong

Sarongs Made in Indonesia

Indonesia Batik Sarong Suppliers

Sarong Code: HP14-4
Handpainting Sarong

Wholesale handpainted sarongs

Sarong Code: HP14-5
Handpainting Sarong

Wholesale handpainted pareos

Sarong Code: HP14-6
Handpainting Sarong

Hand-painted Sarongs from Bali

Sarong Code: HP14-7 Handpainting Sarong

Bali clothing wholesaler

Hp14-8 Rayon Sarong Handpainted with Primitive Motif Bali Clothing Wholesaler

Bali Sarong Beachwear

Sarong Code: HP14-9
Handpainting Sarong

Tahitian style sarongs

Sarong Code: HP14-10 Sarong Handpainted from Bali Indonesia

HP14-11 Beach Sarong Batik Pareo Bali

HP14-11 Beach Sarong Batik Pareo Bali

Sarongs Handpainted Company Indonesia

Sarong Code: HP14-12
Handpainting Sarong

Sarongs Handpainted Manufacturers Indonesia

HP14-13 Batik Sarong Handpainted with Frogs Motif Sarongs Handpainted Manufacturer Indonesia

Sarongs Handpainted Factory Indonesia

Sarong Code: HP14-14
Handpainting Sarong

Sarongs Handpainted Factories Indonesia

Sarong Code: HP14-15
Handpainting Sarong

Sarongs Handpainted Wholesale Indonesia

HP14-16 Sarong Handpainted Wholesale Indonesia

Sarongs Handpainted Suppliers Indonesia

Sarong Code: HP14-17
Handpainting Sarong

Sarongs Handpainted Exporters Indonesia

HP14-18 Sarong Handpainted with Sea Horse Motif Sarong Exporter Indonesia

Sarongs Handpainted Company Bali

HP14-19 Pareo with Sea Life Animal Motif Sarongs Handpainted Company Bali

Sarongs Handpainted Manufacturers Bali

HP14-20 Bali Pareo Handpainted Sarong Handpainted Manufacturer Bali

Sarongs Handpainted Factory Bali

Sarong Code: HP14-21
Handpainting Sarong from Bali

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Handpainted Sarongs Bali

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Hand Painted Batik Bed Covers from Bali Indonesia

Hand Painted Batik Bed Covers from Bali Indonesia

Batik Bed Covers from Bali Indonesia
Bali Batik Bedding Linen Batik Bed Sheets

Sarong factory in Bali Indonesia. Manufacturer and exporter company for rayon beach sarongs pareo. Wholesaler of batik sarongs with many years of experience in producing sarongs for international buyers. We export all major shipping port around the world. Wide range of sarongs including silkscreen handprinting and handpainted sarongs. All sarongs made in Indonesia.

Sarong factory in Bali Indonesia

Bali batiks fabrics from batik factory in Indonesia. Buy batik fabrics quilting direct from batik factory in Java Indonesia. Handmade batik quilt kits fat quarters, layer cake stacks, jelly roll strips and charm squares. Java batiks fabrics hand dyed in batik factory in Java Indonesia. We produce and export batik fabrics by yards, fat quarter bundles and precut fabrics. If you need batik textile direct from factory in Indonesia. Please contact us. View our wide range of cotton batik fabrics handmade in Bali and Java Indonesia.

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BatikSarong.Com is a batik garments manufacturer company located in Java Indonesia. Are you beach wear apparel fashion distributor looking for batik textile, batik sarongs, batik pareos, batik garment made in Java Indonesia? You've come to the right place!

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