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Rayon Batik Beach Sarongs Pareos from Indonesia Batik Clothing Exporter Company

Beach Rayon Fabric Batik Pareos Textile w/Sequin Beads from Indonesia. These sarongs has plastic beads on one side. Sorry, you can't see it here.
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Indonesian Sarongs Photo
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Bali Pareo Sarongs

Sarong Code: SQN 1-1
Bali sarongs pareo with abstract motif

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Sarong Code: SQN 1-2
Bali Batik Sarongs

22[]" value="SQN1-2" />Bali Sarongs Beachwear

Sarong Code: SQN 1-3
Bali Sarongs Beachwear

SQN1-3" /> Bali Beachwear Sarongs

Sarong Code: SQN 1-4
Bali Beachwear Sarongs

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Sarong Code: SQN 1-5
Bali Sarongs Indonesia

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Sarong Code: SQN 1-6
Batik Pareo Bali

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Beach Sarongs from Bali Indonesia. Rayon pareo sarongs with beads. Price Rp 23,500

Batik Sarongs with Beaded Fringe. Pareo with Beaded Tassel

Batik Sarongs with Beaded Fringe Pareo with Beaded Tassel

Sarongs with beads. Almost any color possible
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Beaded Sarongs Bali

Beaded Sarongs from Bali

Sarongs With Beads Exporter

Sequin Beads Sarongs

Sarongs With Beads Manufacturer

Sarongs with Beads from Indonesia

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BatikSarong.Com is a batik garments manufacturer company located in Java Indonesia. Are you beach wear apparel & fashion distributor looking for batik textile, batik sarongs, batik pareos, batik garment made in Java Indonesia? You've come to the right place! email your inquiry to us sarong indonesia factory.

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BatikSarong.Com owned by CV Maya. A manufacturer and exporter company for batik beach sarongs located in Indonesia. Beachwear and sarongs made of rayon fabric with batik motifs. All made in Indonesia. Good quality reasonable price, direct from the pareo factory.

Sarongs Factory in Bali

Sarongs Factory in Bali

Sarongs Production in Bali

Sarongs Production in Bali

Sarongs Manufacturer in Bali

Sarongs Manufacturer in Bali

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