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Sarong manufacturer and exporter company in Indonesia. Your source for all kind of beach sarongs and pareo. CV MAYA from Bali Indonesia.Tax id: 02.612.185.5-903.000. Vibrant color sarongs with smooth fabric. Sarongs factory in Bali Indonesia. Manufacturer and exporter of batik sarongs pareo. Wholesale only.

  • Factory Direct Buy sarongs direct from the factory in Indonesia.
  • Big Size 115 to 120cm x180cm or 46x72inch including fringe. This is an approximate, actual size may vary.
  • Expert We've been selling sarongs since 2001. We export our sarongs worldwide. We ship to major shipping port around the world.

Sarong Factory Indonesia

Buy sarongs from factory in Indonesia. We've been selling sarongs since 2001. We export our sarongs worldwide. We ship to major shipping port around the world. Hawaii, Tuvalu, Samoa, and other Pacific Islands are known for their beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and exotic flora and fauna. These islands are also home to some of the most beautiful and colorful resort wear and beachwear in the world. Polynesian culture is known for its bright and bold colors, as well as its intricate and hand-painted designs. Traditional Polynesian clothing often features tropical flowers, palm fronds, and other nature-inspired patterns. In recent years, the demand for high-quality, handmade resort wear and beachwear has grown significantly, with many people seeking out authentic, traditional clothing and accessories from the Pacific Islands. One of the best ways to experience the beauty and culture of the Pacific Islands is through their textiles and fabrics. Many of these fabrics are made using traditional techniques, such as hand-weaving or dyeing, and feature bright, vibrant colors and patterns. One popular type of beachwear from the Pacific Islands is the wrap. Wraps are a versatile and comfortable garment that can be worn in a variety of ways, including as a skirt, dress, or top. They are often made from soft, lightweight fabrics and feature bold, colorful patterns. Tahiti, an island nation in French Polynesia, is known for its high-quality resort wear and beachwear. Many of these garments are made in small, family-owned factories and are exported to other parts of the world. Indonesia, particularly the islands of Bali and Java, is also a major supplier of beachwear and resort wear to the global market. These garments are often made in wholesale factories and are available for direct purchase by buyers around the world. Whether you're looking for a bright and bold wrap to wear on the beach or a more traditional garment to take home as a souvenir, the Pacific Islands have something for everyone. With their beautiful, hand-painted designs and soft, high-quality fabrics, these garments make the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Flowers Printed Sarongs Indonesia

DSC121 Pareu Sarong

DSC123 Pareu Sarong

DSC124 Pareu Sarong

DSC125 Pareu Sarong

DSC124 Pareu Sarong

DSC125 Pareu Sarong

Beach Sarongs from Indonesia

DSC126 Pareu Sarong

DSC127 Pareu Sarong

DSC128 Pareu Sarong

DSC131 Pareu Sarong

DSC132 Pareu Sarong

DSC182 Pareu Sarong

Tropical Tahiti Beach Pareo Sarongs

DSC194 Pareu Sarong

DSC197 Pareu Sarong

DSC198 Pareu Sarong

DSC199 Pareu Sarong

DSC1910 Pareu Sarong

DSC1911 Pareu Sarong

Tropical Flower Pareo Sarongs Indonesia

DSC1912 Pareu Sarong

DSC1913 Pareu Sarong

DSC1914 Pareu Sarong

DSC1915 Pareu Sarong

DSC1916 Pareu Sarong

DSC1917 Pareu Sarong

Tropical Flower Beach Sarongs Pareo Bali Indonesia

Beach sarongs from Bali Indonesia made of rayon fabric. Handmade in Indonesia. Batik sarongs from sarong factory in Indonesia. This is web page with gecko motif sarongs. Any motif is possible, please contact us and tell us what motifs or prints you need. We will make it for you. Our minimum is 1200 pieces of sarongs and 120pcs per color. So, for 1200pcs minimum, you are welcome to arrange maximum 10 different colors.

Quality Sarongs started from quality rayon fabric ! There're various quality of rayon fabric or textile. Price also vary according to rayon construction and conditions (finish or unfinished/half finish). We use 1st grade and 2nd grade rayon with finish condition, clean white look. They're produce by big textile factory and distributed to many textile shop. Our company CV MAYA buy direct to the factory and keep stock of white rayon textile in large number. Therefore we enjoy discounted price. Compare to other sarongs exporter who buy rayon textile from local distributor.

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