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    Batik Sarongs from Bali Indonesia

Sarongs direct from sarong factory in Indonesia

Sarong Wholesale Shop in Bali Indonesia

Sarong manufacturer and exporter company in Indonesia. Your source for all kind of beach sarongs and pareo.

  • Factory Direct - Buy sarongs direct from the factory in Indonesia.
  • Big Size - 115 to 120cm x180cm or 46x72inch including fringe. This is an approximate, actual size may vary.
  • Expert - We've been selling sarongs since 2001. We export our sarongs worldwide. We ship to major shipping port around the world.

Silkscreen Printed Peacock Sarongs

Peacock sarongs from Indonesia. Handprinted sarongs made of 100% rayon fabric. Handprinted using silkscreen. All sarongs come with fringes unless requested otherwise. Available in wide range of colors. Made to order. Minimum 1200 pieces sarongs per order, 10 colors per model. When in stock, no minimum is required. Please send us email using form below for more information.

Peacock Printed Sarongs from Indonesia

man9719-1 Mandala Sarong

man9719-2 Mandala Sarong

man9719-3 Mandala Sarong

man9719-4 Mandala Sarong

man9719-5 Mandala Sarong

man9719-6 Butterfly Sarong

Peacock Sarongs Bali Indonesia

Silkscreen printed sarongs with peacock motif. Handprinted in Indonesia by skill batik craftsmen with years of experience in producing sarongs for international buyers around the world. If you are textile importers looking for sarong factory in Indonesia, you have come to the right place. Please contact us now and don't hesitate to tell us your requirements.

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