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Cheap Sarongs from Bali Indonesia. Available in various colors.

Java Batik Garments

Stamp Sarong Code: Stamp-P7- 9
Java Batik Garments Batik fabric Sarongs from Indonesia
Available in various colors. All time BEST SELLER.

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Our Company located in Denpasar Bali Indonesia. To place your order for our sarongs pareo, please visit our sister site and view our latest catalog of Pareo from Bali. View also our catalog of Kago Bags Handwoven Recycled Plastic Tote Bags from Indonesia. Handmade shopping bags from Indonesia. If you need help, Call/WhatsApp: +6281353357458.

Sarong factory in Bali Indonesia. Manufacturer and exporter company for rayon beach sarongs pareo. Wholesaler of batik sarongs with many years of experience in producing sarongs for international buyers. We export all major shipping port around the world. Wide range of sarongs including silkscreen handprinting and handpainted sarongs. All sarongs made in Indonesia.

Sarong factory in Bali Indonesia

Bali batiks fabrics from batik factory in Indonesia. Buy batik fabrics quilting direct from batik factory in Java Indonesia. Handmade batik quilt kits fat quarters, layer cake stacks, jelly roll strips and charm squares. Java batiks fabrics hand dyed in batik factory in Java Indonesia. We produce and export batik fabrics by yards, fat quarter bundles and precut fabrics. If you need batik textile direct from factory in Indonesia. Please contact us. View our wide range of cotton batik fabrics handmade in Bali and Java Indonesia.

Bali Batiks Fabrics Java Indonesia Batik Factory

Muslim Sarungs Indonesia. Sarung for men made in Indonesia. Traditional sarungs handmade in Indonesia. Made of rayon fabric and silkscreen printed in traditional motifs and colors. Usually worn by Muslim men during praying or daily life. As seen in many Muslim countries around the world especially in Southeast Asia countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Also very popular in Arab and African countries such as Yaman, Somalia, Djibouti. These are handmade, export quality. Silkscreen motifs. Available in various colors and motifs. We are also able to make these sarungs using your own motifs. Cheap price and mass production using printing machine. Very popular and good seller.

Muslim sarungs Indonesia man sarongs factory Indonesia

Hand loom sarungs from Indonesia. Handmade sarongs from Indonesia. High quality men sarongs made by traditional hand-loom weaving. Expensive, high quality and very comfortable to use day and night. In hot or cold weather. Sarungs Factory Indonesia. We are manufacturer of men sarungs from Indonesia. This is a traditional clothing worn by men in many part of the world, mostly in South East Asia, Africa and Middle East. This men clothing made of fabric which suitable to use day or night. Known also as kain sarung, lunghi or macawis. Handwoven sarungs using traditional tools and methods without modern machine. This is 100% handmade by skill sarung weavers who been making sarungs or lunghi for generations in remote villages across Indonesia archipelago. Indonesian woven sarungs are made in very lengthy process required long hours of meticulous works by skill men and women, therefore the quality is high as well price is much higher than any sarongs made using modern machines.

Handloom sarungs handmade handwoven expensive sarungs Indonesia

Visit our web site to place your order for Indonesian sarongs. Visit and place your order.

Pareo Bali Indonesia Sarongs