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Muslim Sarungs Indonesia

Sarung goyor from Java Indonesia, also known as various names in many countries mostly Middle East or Arabian Peninsula (United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) and Africa (Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea). It's known as Izaar Wazaar Maawis Wizaar Futah Maawaz Wizara Magtab or Maqtab. Other than Middle East and African countries, sarung goyor also very popular among muslims in Malaysia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

These are high quality handmade sarung made entirely by hand using simple traditional tools. It takes long process almost 20 steps to make every single piece of the sarung. It takes a full day and hard work to produce only one piece of sarung. Each piece of sarung goyor is unique, due to handmade process.

Macawis Factory in Indonesia

Photo of traditional handloom Sarongs from Bali Code: STRP2-5
Rayon beach sarong with fringe. Handmade in Bali Indonesia. Sarong size approximately 115 to 120cm x180cm or 46x72inch. We sell our sarongs in 1st and 2nd grade rayon fabric. The 1st grade rayon is thicker than 2nd grade.

Macawis Factory in Indonesia

Indonesian macawis weaver working with wooden looms. It takes long steps to produce one piece of macawis. It takes seventeen to twenty different steps for each piece of macawis. On average it takes one whole day to produce one piece of macawis. Male weaver working all day only able to produce one piece, while women working on their leasure time even less than one piece. Eventhough it takes much more time to produce one piece of handmade macawis compare to machine made macawis, but the quality is far better than the machine made. If you appreciate the quality of macawis, then certainly prefered our handmade macawis from Indonesia. To order our Indonesia handmade macawis, please contact us by email or WhatsApp.

Macawis Factory in Indonesia

Adding label to our macawis. Photo of man and woman working with Indonesian handmade macawis. Adding label to finished macawis ready to send to export for buyers in Africa and Middle East. Our handmade macawis are very popular in Middle East and African countries mostly in Muslim inhabited areas of the Horn of Africa such as Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia or Djibouti.

Colorful handmade traditional macawis in plastic bags ready to send to buyers in Africa. Costumers in Africa want various colors of macawis in one plastic bags. Most popular colors including yellow, green, red, white or gray with simple motifs. No animal or human figure is ever visible on this traditional macawis.

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