Floral Sarong Factory in Indonesia

We are Bali-based sarongs factory, crafting hand-painted Polynesian sarongs with tropical flower motifs. Top quality, handmade, and perfect for beachwear or home decor. Wholesale options available. Embrace the beauty of Pacific Island designs, including hibiscus and Tahitian flowers. Versatile and stylish, our sarongs are ideal for women's cover-ups, swimsuit wraps, or as sheer bikini skirts. Experience the allure of Polynesian culture with our exquisite collection of floral-printed sarongs, featuring rayon fabric and custom designs. Summer wardrobe with our best-selling sarongs, blending tradition and fashion in vibrant colors.

Floral Sarongs from Indonesia
Polynesian Tropical Flower Sarong Factory in Bali Indonesia

Handpainted Sarongs from Indonesia

Our sarongs factory in Bali, Indonesia is dedicated to producing exquisite hand-painted sarongs with tropical flower motifs inspired by Pacific Island designs. We take pride in creating top-quality sarongs that are handmade with meticulous attention to detail. These sarongs are not only fashionable but also serve as beautiful home decor pieces. As a trusted Hawaiian sarong supplier, we offer a wide range of sarong styles, including Polynesian sarongs, short sarongs, and mini sarongs. Our collection features a variety of floral prints, hibiscus, and Tahitian flowers, all meticulously hand-painted onto soft and luxurious rayon fabric. Whether you're looking for women's sarongs, cover-ups, or beachwear accessories like the Hawaiian pareo sarong, our selection has something for everyone. We also offer wholesale options for retailers and have the capability to cater to custom Polynesian sarong orders. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, our sarong factory in Bali is dedicated to providing you with the best sarongs for summer wear, featuring stunning flower hand-painting and a wide array of colors and designs. Explore our collection of Hawaiian Bali sarong pareo batik beach swim wrap cover-ups, including popular designs like the Royal Blue Brown Pink Animal Handpainting, Purple Brown Animal Handpainting, Brown Yellow Orange Animal Handpainting, and Blue Animal Handpainting.

As a wholesale factory, we supply sarongs not only in Bali but also to customers in Tahiti, Indonesia, and beyond. From beach fashion and sexy pareo sarongs to men's sarongs and plus-size beachwear, we offer a diverse range of options to suit different preferences and body types. Our sarongs are not limited to beachwear; they can also be used as versatile accessories such as shawls, tablecloths, and swimsuit cover-ups. Made with high-quality materials, our sarongs are machine washable and hand washable for easy maintenance. Our sarongs reflect the vibrant and rich culture of Polynesia, incorporating symbols, hand-painted motifs, and Hawaiian flowers like plumeria and hibiscus. Each sarong is a piece of art, featuring Polynesian and Pacific Island-inspired designs such as Kanaka Maoli, Alohawaii, Maori, Manaia, American Samoa, Anchor Blue, and Poly Tribal. Whether you're looking for full-size pareos, half-size sarong wraps, or stylish lava-lavas, our collection has you covered. The intricate hand-carved coconut shell buckle adds a touch of authenticity to our sarongs, making them true representations of Polynesian traditions and heritage. Embrace the spirit of the Pacific Islands with our unique sarongs that celebrate the beauty of Polynesian culture. Explore our diverse range of sarongs and pareos, including the enchanting Tahitian & Pareo Styles, Batik patterns, and hand-painted designs on soft rayon fabric. From the vibrant Hibiscus and Bamboo Jungle to the mesmerizing Paradise Star and Tropical Bouquet, our sarongs are a reflection of the tropical paradise that is Polynesia. Immerse yourself in the Polynesian experience with our Pin-Up Girl Surf sarongs and discover creative ways to tie a sarong, adding versatility to your beachwear. Our collection offers a wide array of options that showcase the allure of Polynesian designs and motifs. Step into the world of Pacific Island fashion with our hand-painted sarongs and embrace the beauty and elegance they bring to your wardrobe.

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